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Hawk is the solution for locating and managing you fleet information, which combines security and logistics. 

A small GPS device is concealed in the vehicle, which interacts with several sensors allowing you to consult the activity of your fleet from your house or office by accessing the system from any internet connection.



Hawk Security

When you feel safe, you have control of your business.  And having control of your business guarantees efficient results.  If any of your vehicles is stolen or sabotaged, the sensors will send an early alert which activates the procedure aiming at retrieving the load and the vehicle.


tipState -of -the -art technology in protection, assistance and location.
tip24-7 telephone assistance through the central monitoring station - 0800 888 4295
tipVirtual application servers.

tipControl of authorized and prohibitted geofences.
tipInhibitor presence alarm.
tipMiddle and Long-distance routes control.


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Hawk Control

Your vehicles are working tools: Hawk provides you with a tool for your fleet control, allowing for an immediate investment recovery.


tipStoppage control, routes control, stops control.

tipRules management.

tipInformes Reports module for a self-administration of the information


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